Sunday, October 21, 2007

Idol 2007, Live Show 3 - 19.10.07

This week's theme: recent top 40 hits.
Daniel first, with "I Don't Feel Like Dancing". It emerged very quickly that the only person who can sing this is Jake Shears, as Dan abandoned the falsetto mid-chorus. Probably his poorest week so far.
Mattias was quite appealing in a boyband-reject kind of way, OK but nothing special.
Why Amanda remains in this competition is a mystery, but surprisingly I took the advice of her song ("Don't Hate On Me") although that's not to say that she's all that great either.
Tonight, Matthew, Gathania is going to be Rihanna. She decided to go the whole hog and not just sing "Umbrella" but actually turn herself into a (third rate) tribute act. Vocally disappointing.
I don't like Sam all that much purely because of those stupid hats. I didn't like his version of "Tired of Being Sorry" either, and his days in this contest are numbered.
Had Andreas never heard "A Little Bit Of Love" before? A song which is one of the most-played of the year? In the first verse and chorus he forgot the words and the tune, pity because he's got an OK voice but I thought it was unforgivable really.
Now, Christoffer, the nearest thing in this year's Idol to an ....idol. His "Say It Right" was very good indeed and he's getting better and better every week and dare I say he might just make the final 3!
Marie decided to become a Fergie lookalike for her "Big Girls Don't Cry". Although Marie has a good enough voice, I find her cheap tacky image rather offputting.
Finally, Evelina sang "Apologize". I still don't know what to make of her. There's something gutsy and appealing about this girl, yet there's something missing. She could either go very far or go very soon.

Results: Mattias and Gathania in the bottom two. Gathania became the third girl in three weeks to leave the competition - will one of the boys go next week?

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AcerBen said...

I haven't seen any of this season yet.. who do you think is in the running to win? Gonna check these out..