Monday, October 15, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing week 2: a very late review

Meant to post this on Saturday or Sunday but too much going on so here it is.

It was the ladies' turn to impress on the dancefloor this week.

Already there are three possible contenders to win: Penny, Alesha and Kelly.
Outside contender: Gabby.
Making up the numbers: Kate, Leticia and Stephanie.

First female to be eliminated was Stephanie Beacham, who now looks younger than she did when she was in Tenko and Dynasty all those years ago. We had speculated that one of the reasons she was in the bottom two was that she now bears no facial resemblance to the real Stephanie Beacham, and therefore no-one would know who she was!!

Now get Kate out, and give Leticia some decent outfits to wear!

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