Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Salem in Oslo 05.10.07: review (sort of)

Firstly, I don't understand Norwegian, so apologies in advance. There's a review of Salem's Oslo gig last Friday at http://www.musiq.no/artikkel.php?artno=2728 so I attempted to translate it via a Swedish translation site (!!!!!) The reviewer seemed to like it and highly praised his band, the fabulous Gunnar, Jakob & Nisse. The review also said that Salem stole the show as an entertainer who had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout, particularly in "Japanese Man" which is becoming a high point of his live set. One minor point was that the duration of the concert was too short but we need to remember he's still relatively at the start of his career and this will change as time goes on. Who knows, he might go in the opposite direction and end up doing 17-minute keyboard solos....!

But I digress. "This Is Who I Am" is now being released in Norway this week and has already had great reviews in the Norwegian press.

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