Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Salem & Maia, in Stockholm, in November

Today Salem Al Fakir has added another date on his autumn mini-tour of Sweden. It was announced that on 18.11.07 he will play a gig at the Rival in Stockholm, along with another of this year's critically acclaimed Swedish discoveries (who also played Allsang Pa Skansen), Maia Hirasawa. I've heard a couple of her songs, she's OK, kind of Bjork-ish but less extreme. Also on the bill is Jonna Lee, a young female singer who is tipped for big things in Sweden next year.

Now we've got the news out of the way, let's go for serious journalistic insight into the above picture from today's Aftonbladet and ask the big question: WHAT'S WITH THE MOUSTACHE, MR AL FAKIR? But hey, he's such a sweet and gorgeous man and is now at the stage where he can get away with anything as far as this besotted blogger is concerned. The hair! Yayyy! Loving it loving it loving it. And nice to see the whole suit/shirt/tie thing again.

More news, trivial though it is: been over to Salem's MySpace tonight. Out goes the grey/blue revamp and in the immortal words of Amy Winehouse, it's back to black. As I still continue to refuse to get myself a MySpace account and go down that route it is therefore impossible to check out what's on his MySpace beyond the home page.

One even more trivial bit of news: there's a funny new trailer on YouTube for Salem's brother Nassim's new TV show Anaconda. He is mobbed by Carolina and Carina from "Idol" for autographs as they think he's Salem, only for them to disappear very quickly indeed when he tells them that he's his brother.

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