Sunday, October 21, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing Live Show 3: 20.10.07

After boys' week and girls' week, all the contestants came together this week and the serious competition began.

Gabby & James: reasonable but I thought the legwork was slow. She may just be the year's most overrated contestant. Oh wow, she did the splits. She should be able to - she's an ex-gymnast after all!
Gethin & Camilla: passionless, poorly choreographed tango. Pin-up boy Gethin looked like a rabbit in the headlights.
Penny & Ian: the jive wasn't her dance was it? After a good week last week this was just scrappy and messy.
Kenny & Ola: he was just a wee bit better this week but another case of rabbit-in-headlights syndrome.
Matt & Flavia: best so far. Matt rules! He looked as if he was really enjoying it too. Lots of movement.
Kate & Anton: poor old Mr Du Beke, being landed with a wooden lifeless lump. She wasn't too happy with the judges comments either.
Dominic & Lilia: he's an energetic little bundle isn't he! Lots of fun and enjoyment. Lilia is also one of the best choreographers in this show and this once again proved it.
Letitia & Darren: a more flattering dress for her this week, and Darren looked nice too. They may have danced to a Madonna song ("Material Girl") but her expression reminded me of another Madonna song - "Frozen"!
John & Nicole: good movement from such a big man and a better jive than I expected. Improving.
Erin & Willie: more traditional tango music, but it was all rather lifeless and the best thing about it was her dress.
Alesha & Matthew: very good again. She's becoming a very consistent performer with a likeable, bubbly personality - top marks!
Kelly & Brendan: in typical Brendan style, a sizzling, passionate and dramatic tango which ended in Kelly slapping Brendan!

Was a bit confused by the judges' marking as they seemed to be at "sixes and sevens" for a long time. Anyway it was a good show last night.

Result after judges scores:
1. Alesha 2. Kelly 3. Gabby 4. Matt 5. Gethin 6. Letitia 7. John 8. Penny 9. Kenny 10. Dominic 11. Willie 12. Kate.

Results revealed tonight. Kate must go!!!

Results show: well, Kate didn't go (WHY OH WHY NOT???)

John versus Willie in the dance off. Judges unanimously saved John. Bye bye Willie, whilst wooden Kate and the hideous Logans remain.

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