Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Way Out West footage on YouTube!

Well well well, just when I thought there was nothing new in the Salem universe this week apart from gratuitous reruns of "Musikbyran Live" at EuropeCrazy HQ on an almost nightly basis, today I see that a new clip of GPTV's footage from the recent Way Out West festival at Slottskogen, Gothenburg, has appeared on YouTube which has brief clips of Salem, in his red suit, onstage doing lots of headbanging and jumping around.

There is also an interview in which he looks more stunning and gorgeous than I've ever seen him looking before. What a beautiful man. Please please please keep this on YouTube, as I've got a feeling I'll be checking this out at least another 1500 times (!)


Like I said, no news this week apart from the fact that "This Is Who I Am" has re-entered the Swedish album chart, presumably after everyone watched his Malmo gig on telly this week and realised just how fantastic and talented Salem Al Fakir is.

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