Saturday, October 13, 2007

Idol 2007: Live show 2, 12.10.07

This week's theme: songs from movies.
Mattias Andreasson reminds me of Erik Segerstedt for some unknown reason. He did "Your Song" in a Moulin Rouge-meets-boyband style. Like Erik, he's OK but not too special, I don't think.
Sam Hagberth did an interesting rendition of "Respect". Quite an unusual performer whom I feel is still falling short of his potential.
I still don't really like Daniel Karlsson's image but you can't deny he's potentially the best of this year's contestants. His "Live and Let Die" was controlled and very well done.
I didn't look forward to the prospect of Gathania Holmgren doing "Calleth You Cometh I" but strangely it was't as horrendous as I expected, although it was still reduced to powerless pop pap.
And so to Christoffer Hiding. There's something quite cute and compelling about him. He's gathering more fans by the week and even if his performance of "What A Wonderful World" was more competent than earth-shattering, I've changed my mind and think he'll now be around for a few weeks to come.
Evelina Sewerin is one of the more unusual girls in the contest and that's her appeal, quite liked her "For Your Eyes Only".
Favourite Marie Picasso gave us "What A Feeling". Yes she is good, and quite a natural performer, and she will go very far in the competition.
Patrizia Helander's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" was done in a soulful style but vocally she was rather anonymous.
"Lovefool" was sung by Amanda Jenssen whose performance was quite frankly horrendous. She is trying to look like Gwen Stefani but there the similarity ends.
Andreas Sjöberg, IMHO bears a slight visual similarity to Kurt Nilsen. His performance of "When You Say Nothing At All" was ok though, and again think he'll be around for a few weeks to come.

Result: Patrizia is eliminated, OK she wasn't that great but Amanda and Gathania were equally worthy of elimination this week.

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