Sunday, October 07, 2007

Idol (Sweden) 2007

Strangely enough, I was really looking forward to this but I hadn't been able to work up enough enthusiasm to watch it till now ;-)

Marie Picasso was a bit of a rock chick on "Baby Love" , and she would appear to be one of the favourites. Still not sure about her.
Christoffer Hiding tackled "Baby I Love Your Way". Aww! There's something quite sweet and geeky and appealing about him, think a Swedish Christophe Willem with longer hair and without the glasses :-) Anyway he probably won't be around for too long so enjoy while you can. Very nice blue eyes too ;-)
Anastasia Roobol was nervous and off-key on "Sleeping Satellite" and her only redeeming feature was her spiky red hair.
Sam Ragberth with "She's So High". Unfortunately he didn't soar in the style of Kurt Nilsen and again I'm not sure, although he may improve.
Daniel Karlsson did well on "You're The Voice" although I hated his outfit. Think he might be the stand-out performer of the night.
Mattias Andreasson reminded me a little of runner-up Erik Segerstedt from last year. "Would I Lie To You": kind of boyband-style, he'll be around for a while though.
Evelina Sewerin gave "The One And Only" her best shot. A little more intense than Chesney intended, but good in a strange way.
Patrizia Helander's "Runaway Train" was ok.
Amanda Jenssen gave us "Tainted Love". Again a little nervous and I don't think she'll go too far in the contest.
Gathania Holmgren next with "Walking On Sunshine". OK but a bit karaoke.
Finally Andreas Sjöberg and "I Want To Know What Love Is". He's a little unconventional but I thought he did very well with this.

Anyway at this stage I will stick my neck out and say it will be between Daniel and Marie.

Subject to change, of course!!

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