Sunday, October 28, 2007

Star Academy: time for me to catch up

I should be ashamed. Star Academy 7 started last Tuesday and I haven't really seen any of it. About time I remedied that situation.

Watching the evaluations and I haven't really seen anyone that I don't like.

Bertrand looks like a flamboyant character so far and his voice really reminds me of Florent Pagny.
Sevan had a gritty quality a bit reminiscent of Nicolas from last year.
Claudia was quite entertaining with her version of Christophe Willem's "Double Je".
Pierre's got quite a rough-and-ready voice and I'm not sure how well he'll do.
I don't know how good Claire-Marie is because she sang that Carla Bruni song which I don't really like much. She might be this year's Marina?
Antoine looks like a member of Busted, or McFly, but had a surprisingly mature, jazzy style.
Lucie looks like Julie from Nouvelle Star, only with a better voice.
Dojima was OK although a bit boring and my attention wandered. Didn't really like his Jamiroquai version either.
Eva was again OK rather than spectacular, kind of been-there, done-that.
Mathieu was doing his best Corneille vocal impersonation and again this was more OK than great.
Maureen intrigues me. She may not be the greatest vocalist in the world but she has charisma and could well be France's answer to the mighty Ms Winehouse, only with blonde frizzy hair.
Quentin! Dare I say he might be my favourite? Jazzy voice, good looks, tons of charisma. He will go far in this competition.
Anyway, Mathieu, Claudia and Dojima are three of the four 'pre-nominees', the fourth to be revealed tomorrow.

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