Saturday, October 20, 2007

Melodifestivalen 1989

The first MF staged at the newly built Globen in Stockholm. I thought the pairing of Anders Glenmark and Orup on "Upp Över Mina Öron" was quite inspired. Obviously they thought so too as they continued their musical collaborations over the years.

That year also brought Fingerprints' "Mitt Ibland Anglar" which is still a favourite of mine. I hadn't previously heard "Världen Är Vår" by Visitors & Sofia Källgren but it's quite catchy. I used to like the Visitors back in the 80s, I remember songs like "One Track Heart" and "Never So Blue".

"Nattens drottning" by Haakon Pedersen & Elisabeth Berg is a bit 80s schlager by numbers, with some weird opera wailing thrown in. Very odd.

Anyway Tommy Nilsson's "En Dag" won it of course and I had no argument with that decision as I really liked that song and I really liked him at that time too. Fantastic hair too, very 'of its time' but you know me, I've always liked men with big hair (and still do!!).

Sadly Tommy's MF entry this year was the aural equivalent of a sleeping pill. In case anyone's interested, he's now appearing onstage in Stockholm in a new version of "The Sound of Music" in which he's Captain Von Trapp to Pernilla Wahlgren's Maria. All together: "high on a hill was a lonely goatherd...."

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