Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Swedish TV show for Salem's big brother

OK in the absence of any news stories this week about our main man, then our attention turns to his big brother Nassim Al Fakir, previously known as a kids' TV presenter in Sweden. Now Nassim turns his attention to a slightly more grown up audience - well, "youth TV" anyway. "Anaconda" would appear to be SVT's home-grown answer to the famous US TV show "Jackass" with one crazy stunt after another, if the clips I've seen so far are anything to go by.

Edit: (the next day) Expressen's TV critic decided to kill two brothers with one stone - firstly she criticised Salem on Muskibyrån Live, then saved her fiercest criticism for Nassim's "Anaconda" which admittedly by starting at the "bottom" end of things if you catch my drift, wouldn't be to everyone's taste.

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