Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tomorrow night's "Idol" - here's the songs

Thanks to Aftonbladet who have the list of songs which will be sung on tomorrow night's "Idol".
1. Amanda Jenssen
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
2. Andreas Sjöberg
People get ready - Curtis Mayfield
3.Daniel Karlsson
Imagine - John Lennon
4. Evelina Sewerin
Faith - George Michael
5. Mattias Andréasson
Heal the world - Michael Jackson
6. Sam Hagberth
Nothing else matters - Metallica
7. Marie Picasso
I´ll be there - Jackson 5
8. Christoffer Hiding
It takes a fool to remain sane - The Ark

They'll have to start throwing the boys out now of course, my money's on either Mattias or Sam to go. Christoffer sings The Ark!! I fear the worst - but go on, surprise me...!

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