Sunday, October 28, 2007

Idol Sweden Live Show 4: 26.10.07

This week's theme - "Blood, sweat and tears" - songs with a message.

Amanda was first on with "Born to Run". I can't really understand why she's still here, as there's no reason why she should be. I liked her song last week, but this was just dire. Bottom three: no surprise there.

Daniel's "Imagine" was a solid version of a very simple song. You couldn't really ask for more, and it was enough for him to sail through to another week.

No secret that I've never been a fan of Andreas and his unforgivable crime of botching Andreas Johnson's lyrics last week was just...well, unforgivable. Nevertheless he redeemed himself this week on "People Get Ready", even if it's better if I only listen and don't watch him.

I had developed a soft spot for Evelina, who was a nice variation from the blonde-bombshells, and she seemed to have some potential. So why was she voted out this week eh???? OK the vocals on "Faith" weren't always perfect but she should have stayed in the competition.

I don't get Sam at all, with his stupid hats and zero personality. He did no justice at all to "Nothing Else Matters". Who is voting for him?

Mattias continues to hang on by a thread. He is a pleasant looking young man but that's all. Otherwise he's rather ordinary and once again ended up in the bottom three with the dreary "Heal The World".

Marie played it safe with "I'll Be There", that good old TV talent show staple. Is she trying to clean up her act and make her image a bit classier? That might just gain her more votes. I still like her, but I still have some reservations.

And now to a big announcement.


Repeat this often enough and you will believe it. Surprisingly I even liked him singing "It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane" because by this point I have decided that he's my favourite contestant this year. There's something quite compelling about him which I can't describe.

Now, please, lovely people of me a favour and get Amanda and Sam out. Please. Pretty please.

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