Sunday, October 21, 2007

Star Academy 7: three days to go

It's all been a bit strange this year hasn't it. The end of August every year usually brings a new season of my favourite reality-TV talent contest, but this year was different, thanks to the Rugby World Cup being staged in France. It was decided that season 7 of Star Academy would start later than usual - towards the end of October.

That's fine. But on a Tuesday???? Is nothing sacred?

Yes it all kicks off this Tuesday 23.10.07 at 8.50 pm French time on TF1. The final 40 contestants are in the above picture, and the finalists are among them. I wouldn't like to even hazard a guess at who will make the final line-up, but one thing's for sure, once it starts, I'll be hooked.
For approximately three months this blog will be taken over by all things Star Academy. Hoping this year will be a good one - and also hoping that we get a worthy winner this time.

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