Monday, October 29, 2007

Salem: More from Norway, and another pullover sighting.

Found a clip of a recent interview on NRK-TV from a show called Lydverket, which is a music magazine show as far as I can tell. It kind of went like this: Salem playing the guitar, Salem playing the bass, Salem playing the drums, Salem playing the keyboard. That must be one mega-talented multi-instrumentalist, no doubt. And wonderful big hair too.


We at EuropeCrazy are now becoming concerned that all that time writing, playing, producing, mixing and performing has left Mr Al Fakir with no time to go clothes-shopping.

For once again, that pullover made yet another appearance, this time on his Norwegian TV interview. My research has shown that over the past 12 months there has been many a pullover-sighting during Salem Al Fakir's meteoric rise to fame, firstly in Sweden and now in Norway. Where will it turn up next? Surely he has now made enough kronor to buy himself some new clothes? Get yourself down to H & M young man!!!

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