Sunday, December 06, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 16 - Run away with me, it's now or never

"Higher" - Star Pilots.

More 80s nostalgia, this time wrapped up in a great big Melodifestivalen bouquet. Memories of "Top Gun" and "Waiting For A Star To Fall" inevitably came to mind: Johan Becker sang well and this provided a memorable MF moment this year. His dance project looks good for a long time yet: never did recycling the 80s sound so good.

I was also very happy to see this act briefly make an appearance on the radio and in the top 40 with "In The Heat Of The Night" as part of the highly successful Hard2Beat stable. Both that song and "Higher" may share the same formula, but it's a good (if gleefully plagiaristic) one.

Video: live performance from the 2009 Melodifestivalen at

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