Sunday, December 06, 2009

The 2009-50: No.18 - Now you can call me a liar, you're better off alone in bed

"Roxy" - Salem Al Fakir.

In a year where musically recycling the 80s was such a big thing, Salem had us partying like it was 1984 - "Roxy" is such an accurate musical parody of that time. And who'd have thought that his ability as a lyricist would develop to the stage that he would write this cheery little ode to an STD!

By no means is "Roxy" an accurate representation of Salem's music, as it is probably too much of a novelty/fun song to be ranked nearer the top of my chart (thus explaining its relatively low position), but it sure brightened up the summer and even in these winter days it still brings a smile to my face. And the Venice Beach video (shot during Salem's trip to the USA in April/May) is a good laugh too.

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