Sunday, December 13, 2009

My last word on "Idol"....

Well as we all know by now, Erik Grönwall won the latest series of Swedish Idol. I was really happy about this! After a few listens I'm still not all that impressed by "Higher" (the winner's song) although we know what kind of formula to expect by now. The end result is like Westlife-sings-Ryan-Tedder although Erik does his best with that formulaic type of song. Erik is a really talented vocalist - his version of "The Show Must Go On" is still one of the best moments in the history of "Idol".

Runner-up Calle Kristiansson shouldn't be too disappointed, as he's also managed to get himself a record deal.

So that's it all over for another year. I rather enjoyed this series, as there was a very interesting mix of contestants and song choices - it's sooo much better than X Factor any day! Erik is a worthy winner, although I hope we hear more from Tove. And I hope we see much more of Eddie Razaz....!


Damian said...

In the final no one of guys was my favorite (I was for Tove), but both are very talented so any result would be okayish. "Higher" has grown on me a lot after few listens though! For me it's much better than all the last Tedder's clones.
I was quite surprised that they decided to record Erik's album so fast and you know what??? It will consist of his covers - Hey Jude, Shout it out loud, Run to the hills, Heaven, Is it true, Leave a light on for me, Bodies + 2 songs and Higher.
What a disappontment, no one winner was handled by Sony so bad! Calle looks such a lucky not to win Idol now.
Next year I expect new stuff from Tove, Erika, Eddie, I hope that Mariette will record new album (if no - I'll try to buy her old one in Stockholm in March). And I hope that now label "Catchy Tunes" will start to work with Camilla as Cam Tyler again!
The season was not good, it was FANTASTIC! Never got so much pleasure from any talents show.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Damian,

Yes it really was a great season, wasn't it!

I guess that "Higher" will probably grow on me too, although I'm really disappointed that the they are rushing out an album with all his covers from the show, as he deserves to be developed as an artist, in his own style.

Skywalker said...

I got to say that the guy is superbly talented. Higher is teh best track by him. He has got a great voice. But on the other hand I am quite much dissapointed with the album. Few of the tracks are really nice but I even thought that it would have been better if the some were left untouched. I am dissapointed to say that it looks like his talent was wasted! They could have come up with a better album where more tracks would have been good.