Sunday, December 06, 2009

Norsk MGP 2010: First group of artists and songs announced

Norway have got a Eurovision title to defend in 2010, so it's a nice early start for MGP next year - the first heat will take place on 8th January in Ørland.
Here are the artists and songs who were confirmed this week, for heat 1:

Song 1: Gaute Ormåsen - Synk eller svøm (Sink or swim)
He's a former runner-up in Norwegian Idol, and this is his MGP debut.

Song 2: Lene Alexandra – Prima Donna
This is Lene's second time at MGP - who could forget "Sillycone Valley". "Prima Donna" is described as a dance track.

Song 3: Johnny Hide – Rewind Love
Johnny, formerly of a band called Number Seven Deli, describes this as a modern classic pop song.

Song 4: Bjørn Johan Muri – Yes man
Previous Norwegian Idol contestant, again making his debut in the competition.

Song 5: Elisabeth Carew – Rocketfuel
This is described as an r'n'b song with some freestyling! Is she any relation to the footballer John Carew, I wonder?

Song 6: Maria Haukaas Storeng – Make my day
Her third consecutive year at MGP - she was the winner in 2008 and returned as presenter in 2009. This is described as a mid-tempo song.

Song 7: Keep Of Kalessin – The Dragontower
The wonderful thing about the nordic countries is that they will throw some metal into their national selection and won't even bat an eyelid. This time it's 'black metal' and a fantasy-inspired song.

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Rachel said...

Ooh this all sounds very exciting.I really like Gaute Ormåsen and Maria,though I could do without seeing Lene again.I can't remember now whether I liked Bjørn or not when Idol was on...

I believe Elisabeth is John's sister,although I could be making that up.Either way she writes for my favourite Norwegian fashion/gossip site quite often.

No mention of a1 yet then,maybe NRk are saving the best for last :)