Friday, December 11, 2009

The 2009-50: No.5 - As many feet walk through the door, I'm not alone

"I'm Not Alone" - Calvin Harris.

The defining dance record of 2009 for me, and on a more personal note, (thank you Sitemeter) officially the most-searched-for (ever) song on this here blog - a song which attracted attention from all four corners of the world. Hopefully you all enjoyed the song as much as I did, and if you discovered this blog along the way then I hope you enjoyed reading it!

In a year when the British chart was dominated by a conveyor belt of electro-women and landfill autotuned r'n'b, Calvin Harris brought star-quality to the dance music genre and was my favourite British artist of the year. And anyone who can get himself banned for life from X Factor (thanks to his pineapple-headed stage invasion during Jedward's set) is ok by me.

"I'm Not Alone" has something for everyone - it appeals to both dance music and pop music fans, and you only had to watch any of Calvin's appearances on various music festivals over the summer to realise just how effortlessly he crossed over the musical boundaries - he even got the festival crowds jumping. And that "if I see a light flashing..." chorus was one of the most memorable hooklines of the year.

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