Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 9 - From the bottom of my heart, I apologise

"Hurtful" - Erik Hassle.

The first time I saw unlikely popstar Erik Hassle, he was performing a medley of nominated songs at Aftonbladet’s "Rockbjornen" back in January. Since that time he’s become pop-royalty in blogland, and had a sizeable Swedish hit single with this high-quality pop song which, if recorded by someone better known, would be a massive worldwide hit. "Hurtful" was followed in Sweden by "Hassle", a smashing debut album. Erik’s big launch in the UK has been put back till 2010, by then we hope that the time should be right for this country to discover a true musical talent. Although judging by the current musical tastes in this country, it may be a struggle.....

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