Wednesday, December 09, 2009

This week's Idol final songs...

Calle Kristiansson:
1.”Rock and roll” (Led Zeppelin)
2.”With a little help from my friends” (Joe Cocker version)
3.”Higher” (winner's song)

Erik Grönwall:
1. ”The final countdown” (Europe)
2. ”The show must go on” (Queen)
3.”Higher” (winner's song)

Do we really need to bother with a final? Just give the title to Erik now!!

I wonder what "Higher" sounds like? Probably the usual dull winner's ballad I guess.....


Damian said...

It was played in semifinal when guys recorded it in studio. Actually song suited Tove's voice much-much better, it's not for guys' rock-voices, it's a modern song sort of Ryan Tedder's stuff - "Halo", "Happy", etc.

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks Damian - however I'm still not too hopeful as a) I'm a confirmed ballad-hater (with very few exceptions) and b) I always try to avoid the likes of "Halo" and "Happy" where possible, they are the worst type of screechy-ballad I can think of, particularly "Halo" which is right up there in my most hated songs of the year.

Still the winning song may yet surprise me, and I do like "Apologize" and "Stop and Stare" so I'm not totally writing off the Tedder-style :)))

Damian said...

Though I have nothing against ballads I'm with you about "Halo", I still can't understand all this buzz around it, the song is annoying as hell.