Sunday, December 06, 2009

This week's playlist: I know you like to keep an eye on me

OK it's not specifically this week's playlist, but more of a round-up of what I've been listening to over recent weeks.

Spy - Shakira & Wyclef Jean: the nature of this collaboration suggests a future single, although it's quite bonkers in every way and therefore won't repeat the success of "Hips Don't Lie". With the new "She Wolf" album she’s got even further away from the Latin-influences which made her famous, but she’s still got so much talent and so many more ideas that she is still one of the most innovative pop stars in the world today.

Good vs Bad - Tingsek: and now to one of Sweden's most talented and underrated singer-songwriters. A song which narrowly missed out on my 2009-50 (because I discovered it too late) but this is a timeless, well-performed song with a catchy call and response chorus.

Pencil Full of Lead - Paolo Nutini: Almost as bonkers as Shakira, this one! Short and sweet burst of Jungle Book-style jollity which always makes me smile. He is becoming one of this country's most interesting performers who most definitely doesn't follow the crowd.

Reality Used To Be A Friend of Mine/Set Adrift On Memory Bliss - PM Dawn: Been listening to these a lot again since they featured in Retro Saturday. "Set Adrift..." Is still a breath of musical fresh air.

Haven’t Met You Yet - Michael Buble / I’m All Over It - Jamie Cullum: two singers inhabiting a very similar musical universe with crossover appeal, one appeared on X Factor and had a very big top 40 hit, the other appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and failed to make the top 40. Draw your own conclusions. Two very catchy songs which I like a lot just now.

Krossa Allt/Vals for S***n/Sjukhus/Taxmannen - Kent: probably my favourite album of the moment, Kent can still do no wrong for me. Swedish language electro-rock from a band still at their distinctive best.

De Juiste Vergissing/Leve Belgie - Clouseau: I’m enjoying their lively power-pop at the moment. They are currently in the midst of their "10 x 10" annual Sportpaleis pre-Christmas extravaganza where they play no less than 34 songs in one concert!

OK that's it for the playlist - I probably won't be doing another one now until we get some new music to listen to in January. In the meantime we'll all have to cover our ears and try to run and hide from all the Christmas songs on the TV and the radio....there's no escape!

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