Friday, December 11, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 6 - Seven days later I'm messed up and nowhere to be found

"Cold Shower" - Salem Al Fakir.

The opening track on my favourite album of 2009, "Astronaut". Despite the self-doubt and anxiety in the lyrics (that's my interpretation anyway), it’s jazzy, strong, confident, and screams ‘this is an artist at the peak of his career’.

This song is a very good example of Salem's incredible talent as a singer/songwriter/musician - he plays every instrument on this classy, mature song - and I also must mention his (often overlooked) talent as an arranger/producer.

If I have one unfulfilled wish for 2010, it’s that Salem will finally get the long-overdue international recognition which he deserves.

Video: as this is an album track there's no video but if you want to know what this song sounds like, then go to

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