Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Album Review: "Ar" - Snook

Regular readers will know that I'm rather keen on this very talented Swedish rap duo so I thought a review of their last album "Är" was long overdue.

Snook - Oskar Linnros and Daniel Adams-Ray - do hip hop with a melodic twist, and even if you can't understand Swedish then you'll still enjoy many of the tracks here.

"Inga Problem" was of course my introduction to them, and it's still my favourite track - you know how much I love the video as well.

The other singles on this album, "Langst Fråm I Taxin" and "Kommer Ifrån" also stand out, the latter musically being a distant relative of the Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is The Love".

Where Snook stand out is their musical arrangements, they don't just rely on the usual boring samples which characterise many rap songs. Snook's ace card is (or should I now say was, now that he is a solo legend) none other than this blog's favourite all-round musical genius Salem Al Fakir, who played the usual variety of instruments and provided backing vocals on this album, he was also a member of Snook's band on their tours of Sweden and Norway. "Bejbi", one of the album's slower tracks (which reminds me of an Orup song, for some strange reason (!), has Salem singing backing vocals! In Swedish! And it sounds lovely. (sighs :-)))))

Anyway now that I've calmed down I'd also like to say that "Jag Gor Min Grej" with its brassy hookline is another favourite of mine at the minute.

I think it's great they've decided to rap in Swedish rather than English, although being rap there's a few recognisable "choice" phrases along the way.

Been playing this album a lot and would recommend it. Oh and did I mention that they're rather cute too? (especially Daniel Adams-Ray!!). This blog is getting more shallow by the day.

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Rachel said...

I've finally got round to listening to Inga Problem,and although I never thought I'd really like Swedish rap,it's completely fabulous!Think I might have to look out for this album...