Sunday, August 12, 2007

Salem...Jag älskar dig!

Thinking of opening my very own rehab clinic and admitting myself for serious addiction to Salem Al Fakir. I have now been a Salem fan for precisely one month and there is no sign of this obsession going away. I have played his "This Is Who I Am" album almost every day for the past month, can't let a day pass without watching one of his videos (although sadly many of them are no longer online) and frequenting the Swedish media to feed my appetite for information.

I really have got it bad. His music is so wonderful, melodic, beautifully structured and has a completely genuine quality. He sings with heart and soul. As a live performer he is full of energy and enthusiasm and has a lively, bubbly personality which always comes across. His songs are full of happiness - the total opposite to the 'dreary-pop' which is spreading like a disease. And yes, I am completely in love with him!!
I realise however that things are now slowing down on the Salem front, his summer tour is over, he played 'Way Out West' last Friday and has only one more show next Saturday (18.08.07) when he'll play Malmo Festivalen, and then no more gigs until 28.09.07 at Vara Konserthus, and that would appear to be it for this year. What will 2008 bring? (We'll settle for a new album and world domination, thank you).

We at EuropeCrazy will continue to follow Salem's career and will continue to campaign to get his great music heard outwith Sweden. Surely it will only be a matter of time till that happens! In the meantime we will continue to be the UK's no.1 unofficial source for news, information and general obsession about Sweden's brightest new musical talent.

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