Saturday, August 18, 2007

DanceX: the end is nigh

Not that we at EuropeCrazy would dare to suggest "fix" but both Team Arlene and Team Bruno go into next week's final with 5 members left in both groups.

Drama during the week: Phoenix walks out! Phoenix comes back!
This week's theme was Disco. Team Bruno kicked off tonight with a dance routine to "Canned Heat" which was good, but Arlene thought the footwork was messy and we thought....Claire must go. No change there then.

Arlene's team went for a more traditional 70s approach to "Shake Your Groove Thing"... which Bruno proceeded to pick holes in.

Next for Team Bruno was "I'm Coming Out". Noted improvement here, they are closing on Team Arlene although, do not be surprised here, Claire is Arlene even liked it though.

She responded with "Car Wash", which was a good solid performance.

Finally, Bruno's team gave us "Le Freak" which was again another good performance, although the vocals on both teams still fall short of perfect. Why could they not have made it just a dance contest?

Arlene's team finished off with "We Are Family", liked the outfits and another good performance.

On the whole, tonight was too close to call but we thought from the beginning that Arlene's team would lose yet another member in order to even up the numbers, and we thought without doubt it would be Camilla, who should have gone last week. As it happened, Team Bruno won the viewers vote, leaving Arlene with the big decision of who to drop.

Camilla saved first - why? We can understand why Daniel survives, as he's a great dancer, and Chelsey is tall, striking and pretty, but what does she see in Emanuel - he's not that great.

Bottom 2: Ashley versus Kalvin, and the result was therefore in no doubt... Kalvin goes home, leaving Arlene's team of three girls and two boys versus...Bruno's team of three girls and two boys. Hmm.

Final next week!

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