Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Official - Salem to launch in the UK!

Not only has the release of "It's True" been confirmed as the follow-up to Axwell's current house-tastic smash "I Found U", (although there's no news of the actual release date) but today I have just learned the great news that Salem Al Fakir is finally to be launched in the UK!!!!!

At there is an interview with Salem which would appear to be posted on 16.08.07 in which he states that (thanks to those lovely translation sites which I can't live without) he is speculating on a new hairdo when he launches in England; referring to the fact that he has the same hairdo as Mika! In the same interview he says that he will see how it goes with the launch in England and he hopes to release a new album as some of the material on his first album is now four years old. Yay, yay and yaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Again, this will probably be next year: I'm counting the days already!!!!

We have also borrowed that website's picture of Salem, in which he is demonstrating that tied-back-hair look which we don't really like but it's his hair so I suppose he can do what he wants with it!!!!

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