Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dance X: we have a winner

Last night saw the final of "Dance X". Unfortunately this series has not been successful in the ratings (and that was even before the return of X Factor last week). IMHO, they should have kept it to a dance contest rather than trying to find a dancing/singing group, as on many occasions throughout the series both groups were a bit ropey vocally.

Both teams started the final with two group numbers "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Dancing In The Street". It wasn't long before Arlene was into panto-baddie mode and it wasn't long till Bruno was taunting her. Oh come on....this rivalry fooled no-one.

Team Arlene gave us "Great Balls of Fire", although it was a little slow, even if Daniel redeemed it as usual with one of his breakdance moments.

"Black Or White" - Team Bruno: this was more assured and lively and the choreography suited the music...but "granny Phillips" didn't think so, accusing the 3 girls of being out of step with each other.

"Toxic" - Team Arlene: a more contemporary tone this time and I thought the vocals were quite good...but Bruno didn't.

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction" - Team Bruno: the thing about Team Bruno is that they would be perfect if they didn't have out-of-place Claire. Marcquelle and Phoenix are good and Marie and Rana are very striking.

The thing is though, I still don't see a recording act among either team.

"Rhythm of Life" - Team Arlene: great showstopping theatrical routine from earlier in the series. Both old school and contemporary in one.

"Land of 1000 Dances" - Team Bruno: crowd-pleasing foot-tapper.

By this time I was sat firmly on the fence and didn't know who I liked best!

In "Pop Idol" style, both groups performed their version of the winners' single "Dancing In Repeat" (rubbish title), which they have both recorded and also filmed the video for, so it should be rush-released very soon. Still couldn't make up my mind.

And so to the result. The winners of Dance X were ......TEAM BRUNO!
I wasn't too bothered who would win anyway, Team Arlene were initially my favourites but when Ife went out and Camilla stayed in I wasn't happy, and Bruno's team made good progress over the weeks so congratulations to them, they'll have their 5 minutes of fame and their support slot on the Rihanna tour. As for Team Arlene - maybe someone will give them a deal as well?

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AcerBen said...

Arlene's team should have won :(