Thursday, August 30, 2007

So maybe I'm still a love fool

Can't believe it's almost two years since I saw Jamiroquai live: fantastic band. Still think that Jay Kay is a genius and he never got the recognition he and his band deserved. There's not much been happening on the Jamiroquai front since the release of the "High Times" greatest hits CD, but news reaches us of a new live DVD to be released in October 2007 : "Live At Montreux 2003". Whilst I'm pleased to see this, I'm a bit disappointed that there is not yet a DVD of the 2005 "Dynamite Tour". I thought "Dynamite" was and still is a fantastic album, I was listening to "Starchild" and "Dynamite" and "Seven Days In Sunny June" on the way home from work tonight and they still sound so fresh today.

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