Saturday, August 25, 2007

This week's playlist: I ain't got a motorboat but I could float your boat

The Way I Are - Timbaland: I went from not liking this much to playing it more than any other song this week.
It’s Only You/It’s True/Good Song/Dream Girl/This Is Who I Am - Salem Al Fakir: Fantastic songs. Nothing more to say. I have completely lost my heart to this man, who right now is my favourite singer in the whole wide world! :-)))
Japanese Man - Salem Al Fakir (YouTube video, live - Parksommar): maximum audience participation, and first look at Salem’s reinvention as rock star.
Jag Gor Min Grej/Kommer Ifrån - Snook: What, no ‘Inga Problem’ this week? (Thought I’d give it a rest) anyway still loving their album!
Stronger - Kanye West: His choice of samples always lift his rap out of the ordinary: last time Shirley Bassey, this time Daft Punk!
Suburban Knights - Hard-Fi: Effortless singalong guitar pop which shows up a lot of inferior competitors for what they are.
Worried About Ray - The Hoosiers: I’m seriously worried about...why this song has eaten its way into my brain.
Ole Black & Blue Eyes - The Fratellis: nice.
Painted by Numbers - The Sounds: something Swedish which I missed out on, but it’s on The Box’s playlist ( so what better time to try it out.

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