Friday, August 10, 2007

Go west!

I am not Swedish, but I always feel that this blog has some kind of unofficial honorary Swedish nationality about it these days. Therefore it is my duty to report that the Way Out West festival is taking place today and tomorrow in Gothenburg, at the rather wonderful Slottskogen park which we visited back in 1996 on our first visit to Sweden. It's a new festival and the line-up is very impressive - it includes The Ark, The Hives, Laakso, Moneybrother, Timo Raisanen and .....yes! Salem Al Fakir. The great man was due on stage at 3pm this afternoon - we think that's too early. If we were having a festival then he would be top of the bill!! Anyway I managed to get some pictures (thanks to the wonderful people who took these pictures and posted them on the internet!)

Subsequently checked out for a review, which was rather negative. Do we sense a backlash from the Swedish media?

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