Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whoa-oh-whoa-oh....You need a Japanese man!!!

Today's bulletin from Planet Salem: That new song "Japanese Man" is finally on YouTube. Someone has very nicely took the time and trouble to post this performance from the Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg the other week. It certainly rocks, but then he goes into a bit of audience participation where he gets one half of the audience to sing the "whoa-oh-whoa-oh" bit and the other half to sing "you need a Japanese man", and the whole thing gets a bit "Allsång pa Skansen" if you know what I mean!! Hmmmm......

Talking of Skansen, there is another clip of him doing a song there at his Parksommar show and it seems to condense the whole Salem live experience into 65 seconds: he runs up and down the stage, runs off the stage into the audience and then runs back on and starts singing something which I don't recognise but has a kind a of James Brown/Prince-ish groove to it.

Phase 2 of Salem Al Fakir's brilliant career would appear to be underway.

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