Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This is who he is....

After much research I finally found a Swedish to English translation site which came in handy because I wanted to find out more about EuropeCrazy’s most favourite singer so.....here are 10 things you need to know about Salem Al Fakir!

1. Musical genius: started playing piano at 2 years old and violin at 4 years old. Is said to play as many as 20 musical instruments. Toured Russia as solo violinist at 14 years old. Began writing music as a child but has only been writing lyrics for three years. Prefers writing in English to Swedish.

Above: Salem creating more musical magic.
2. Home-boy: he recorded his debut album in his own bedroom recording studio and played all musical instruments on it with a little help from brother Sami.

3. Va va vroom: loves cars, drives a white BMW. His dad is a car mechanic.

4. Position of "Dream Girl" still vacant: can I apply for it? All that time being a musical genius and obsessive workaholic hasn’t left him time for a serious relationship in 7 years. Awww. I’m sure there would be no shortage of offers. He may not be conventionally good-looking but there's just something about him that this blogger finds irresistible.

5. What musical influences?: he claims not to have listened to any music but his own, however recently has developed enthusiasm for 80s punk, and he wants to start making rock music. (!)

6. Favourite tunes: his favourite songs which he has written are "It’s True" and "This Is Who I Am".

7. We are family: Salem is the third youngest of six children, his siblings are all accomplished classical and jazz musicians. His brother Nassim is also a children’s TV presenter on SVT. Salem is very close to his parents and siblings.

8. Future plans: Has set up own publishing company. Says he had lots of material for his first album and he’s already working on his second album. Yay!!!!!

Above: Salem doing it live in a nice red suit.

9. Live legend: already the usually hard to please Swedish print media are acclaiming his live performances. A charismatic, lively and engaging performer who is not averse to headbanging and dancing around whilst playing keyboards on stage.

Above: Big blue eyes, big hair, shirt and tie. What's not to love?

10. Hair!!!!!: Salem recently said in a press interview that he wanted to cut his hair and grow up. Oh no you don’t. I will not allow it. Not when you have that hair. That messy curly hair which I just want to run my fingers through and....anyway just don’t cut it. That’s an order. There are not enough cute curly haired men in this world so we should celebrate every one of them. (see also Lee Mead and Mohinder from Heroes!!).

Now I'm off to watch the "Dream Girl" and "Good Song" videos....just for a change!!

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