Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I told some people, now they know it.

Today's bulletin from Planet Salem: tonight saw the end of the Parksommar tour which finished on the Solliden stage at Skansen in Stockholm. Will keep checking all my Swedish sources to see if there are any reviews.

Came across another TV appearance. It looks as if it was added in August 2007 but I think it may have been from earlier this year on SVT's "Gomorron Sverige" at then it's 12 minutes into this video when you'll find him and his piano and (shorter) hair (curls still there though - hooray!) It's a nice, subdued and chilled out version of "It's True" with some screaming falsetto in the middle! There is also a short interview at the end and even if you don't understand Swedish it is clear that his ability to charm middle-aged female breakfast TV presenters is already in no doubt. He is just soooooo sweet, even at that time of day (6.55 am). But there are still no excuses for that cardigan!!!

Edit (11.08.07): it looks as if this has been removed from SVT's site :-(((

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