Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday night blogging! Star Academy 7 news!

Bit of a change this week. Usually I'm not hanging out on the web on Fridays as that's the night I usually hang out with faithful travelling companion. Swapped nights this week though.

Found out that the 7th series of France's "Star Academy" will begin on Friday 26th October 2007 on TF1. This year's contest will pay homage to Gregory Lemarchal, who sadly died on 30.04.07. Through the magic of video the contestants will "virtually duet" with Gregory.

It's all rumours of course at the moment about who will replace Alexia Laroche-Joubert as directrice: according to VSD magazine, Endemol want none other than Raphaelle Ricci (yeah, like that will happen.....!) but the name of Caroline Diament is turning up quite regularly as a possible replacement.

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