Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Rebirth of Robyn

Many of my fellow pop bloggers have been going on for some time about that highly talented young Swedish singer and songwriter Robyn. She came to fame several years ago with the song "Show Me Love", which as far as the UK is concerned (apart from those of us who know better), was where the story ended. We know differently of course, that she kept on making records and writing for other artists. My favourite Robyn song of recent years was "Be Mine" which is a little cracker of a pop song. She also wrote "Money For Nothing" for Darin, which is, yes, another little cracker.

Now it looks as if she’ll finally have a long overdue hit in the UK with "With Every Heartbeat", a haunting dance number. IMHO it may not be her best track, but is one of the better songs around at the moment and it will be nice to see her get some recognition at last.

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