Saturday, August 11, 2007

DanceX: the curse of the straighteners....

Another week on "DanceX" with Bruno becoming increasingly anxious about the possibility of his already depleted team losing yet another member! You know by now that we at EuropeCrazy think that Team Arlene is the best, however once more they were vocally suspect on a messy "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" whilst Bruno's team were holding their own on "Moon Dance"; Arlene's team managed to pull off the vocal performance of the night on "Rhythm of Life", even though we feel that the song choices in general still leave a lot to be desired.
Anyway the time came to announce the result of the public vote. This time Bruno and his team were triumphant, leaving Arlene to choose her bottom two. Inevitably she selected her favourites: Chelsey (good), Daniel (my body-popping fave), Kalvin (dry your eyes mate) and Ashley (presumably the singer of the group), and inevitably Emanuel (!) leaving Camilla and Ife in the bottom two. I never really saw the point of Camilla - if you need one pretty blonde in the group then Chelsey will do. As for Ife, we've liked her since day one, but something happened this week which inevitably jeopardised her chances.
She. Straightened. Her. Hair.
Just as the "curse of the leaflets" had doomed Daniele last week, so the "curse of the straighteners" may have led to Ife's downfall. It's just a suggestion, as I can't think of any other reason why this distinctive young lady was cut in favour of the rather anonymous Camilla.

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