Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kamel + Sofia = Cleopatra

So what's ace French choreographer Kamel Ouali, who was one of the team behind "Le Roi Soleil" going to do now that the musical has reached the end of its run? Answer: get to work on another one. This time he and songwriters Lionel Florence, Patrice Guirao and Pascal Obispo will turn their attention to another historical legend - Cleopatra. It's been confirmed that the leading lady will be none other than one of our all-time favourite Star Academy contestants Sofia Essaidi! Sofia of course didn't win season 3 (2003) but she was without any doubt the most talented singer and performer that year. Two years later she released her excellent debut album "Mon Cabaret" which I have in my CD collection. It's a luscious mix of pop, jazz and retro, and a real treat. I'm sure that she will be a big hit in the role of Cleopatra. The role of Caesar is tipped to be filled by Chris Stills, the son of French music legend Veronique Sanson.

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