Thursday, August 16, 2007

Time for another member of the Al Fakir family.....

Did you think I could stay in Salem-Rehab? Yes, just like Amy Winehouse I've had enough of rehab so I'm back to the good old world wide web where everyday there are new delights to discover: tonight I came across a Svenska Dagbladet article from January where Salem interviewed his big brother Nassim!

Nassim is a presenter on children's TV in Sweden and being a member of the Al Fakir family he is inevitably multi-talented: he plays drums and percussion and he, along with Salem, was a member of the jazz-Arabic folk combo Fakir Karlsson. A fascinating interview in which the brothers discussed everything from Swedish-Arab identity to kebabs to big hair! (Yes, Nassim also has big hair, although he is nowhere near as delightful as Salem).

Can't understand why he has all those daft YouTube videos though. There is one of him miming and dancing around to Rihanna's "Umbrella" which still has me wondering why.

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