Friday, November 30, 2007

2007-50: No. 35: All the stars in heaven will shine for me

"Live Forever" - Magnus Carlsson.

Magnus Carlsson's recording career was about to take a new and interesting twist: he discovered falsetto, and managed to channel the spirit of A-Ha into this pulsating retro pop stormer. I still like it, even if I'm not really keen on him singing falsetto all the time now. And I want to hear him singing in Swedish again.


Poster Girl said...

I still LOVE this song and think the a-ha nod in the video is genius, but I'm not too happy with his singles choices from the album...really can't believe "Crazy Summer Nights" was never a single! And I would've loved "Don't You Worry" as a single, though that might just be one of those "personal favorites" sort of songs. Release "Crazy Summer Nights" instead of "Waves Of Love" but with the same release date and you've got the perfect summer hit, then release "Don't You Worry" as the latest single instead of "Another Rainbow" (though this isn't quite as egregious an error) but with the same release date and you've got the perfect winter/holiday song!

Ha ha, as you can tell, I may have thought about this a bit too much ;)

Poster Girl said...

P.S. Forgot to say, I've been loving this countdown!

EuropeCrazy said...

Glad you're enjoying the countdown, hopefully it's diverse enough for everyone to find something they love!

Great comments about Magnus, yes I agree about "Crazy Summer Nights" - what a missed opportunity. "Waves Of Love" did eventually grow on me though.