Sunday, November 25, 2007

Awwwww man! Why I'm not loving "I'm A Celebrity..."

Two weeks in and it's just too boring for words. I used to love this show and watched it faithfully night after night, series after series. Maybe it's just the mix of 'celebrities' (one for the Trades Description Act I think), maybe it's just the editing, but it's a very bland and boring mix this year. The only thing worth mentioning is American ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson's "Awwww man!!!" catchphrase at eviction time. We need a David Gest, a Lord Brocket, a Paul Burrell, a Dean Gaffney or even (oh the insania) a Jordan and Peter.

Since my last post, Lynne Franks (some PR person I'd never heard of), John Burton Race (grumpy chef) and Rodney Marsh (misogynist footie hasbeen) have all gone, leaving Janice along with some other contestants that I'm too bored to even mention.

Might do another post about this in a couple of days, if I can summon up any interest.

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