Saturday, November 10, 2007

Idol 09.11.07: this blogger is not happy at all.

Above: the final 6 - Marie, Mattias, Christoffer, Amanda,
Andreas, Daniel.

Christoffer Hiding is out of Swedish Idol and I am not happy at all :-((

It was disco night on Idol, but it was overshadowed by the return of long lost juror Clabbe af Geijerstam, the bloke who used to sing "Sommaren Som Aldrig Säger Nej" back in the 1970s ;-) but I digress.

Felt overall that it was a tough week for all the contestants, and it proved just how hard those disco songs were to sing.

Christoffer sang "Boogie Wonderland" which was ok although not really the best song to show off his voice. Nevertheless he bravely threw in some Earth Wind & Fire-style falsetto.

I still don't get Amanda - am I the only person on the planet who doesn't? - and I wasn't really keen on her peroxide rock-chick version of "Disco Inferno".

Andreas is improving by the week and his "Upside Down" was soulful and vocally impressive. He still sounds better than he looks though.

Mattias continues to hang on by a thread in this competition, although his "This Is It" was admittedly competent, rather than spectacular. All the little girls must like his boyband looks?

I really wasn't keen on Daniel's version of "I Love To Love" and thought it was his weakest week so far.

Marie let it all hang out after a couple of weeks of trying to change her image. She does have some star quality though, even if her "Ain't Nobody" wasn't that perfect. Is it just me or is she sometimes visually reminiscent of Geri Halliwell?

I would have had Amanda and Daniel in the bottom two this week, however the Swedish viewers chose Mattias and Christoffer as their bottom two, with Christoffer evicted this week.

Above: Christoffer and his nice 1970s tie say goodbye to the

Disgraceful result, if I may say so :-((((((

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