Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strictly Brendan-bashing!

We could all settle down and enjoy "Strictly Come Dancing" once again, now that the worst of the worst was gone.

What we weren't prepared for last night was one of our tips for the final three couples, Brendan and Kelly, being in the judges' bottom two after admittedly a below par effort, however having watched this show over the last few years I think it's more personal as the judges seem to have something against Brendan and snipe at him for things they would let other competitors away with. IMHO, of course.

Anyway it was Brendan and Kelly versus John and Nicole in the bottom two, and tonight the panel chose unanimously to keep Brendan and Kelly in and send John and Nicole home. We agreed with this one, as John had probably gone as far as he could go. Major surprise is that Kenny Logan is still in the contest and seems to be winning a lot of fans, but his time will probably be up next week.

Who's our tip to win? Alesha and Matthew: I'm not too keen on him, but she is glamorous and graceful and dances well, week after week.

Otherwise: Matt and Flavia: he's good, quick, best of the male dancers and I quite like her too.

Sadly though, nothing this year in the same league as Mark 'hot hot hot' Ramprakash...!

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