Sunday, November 25, 2007

Idol 23.11.07: I'm speechless.

Four contestants remained in Swedish Idol, and this week it was 'Rock Week'

"Heaven’s On Fire" - Andreas Sjöberg: he was tipped to go this week, but with his big rock voice he excelled in ‘rock week’ and this song suited him well.
"You Really Got Me" - Amanda Jenssen: I am not Swedish, and I still don’t understand her popularity. She looks like one of those reality TV contestants who will subsequently turn up everywhere, even if their talent is negligible.
"You Oughta Know" - Marie Picasso: unlike la Picasso, who is at least consistently good in this competition, even if she was straining on this Alanis Morisette song.
"Roxanne" - Daniel Karlsson: incredibly strong and confident version of this song. Again, very comfortable in ‘rock week’.
"Livin’ On A Prayer" - Andreas Sjöberg: unquestionably good, vocally, but for me he’s still not got the full ‘Idol’ package.

"Just A Girl" - Amanda Jenssen: appropriately doing a No Doubt song as she so wants to be Gwen Stefani. Lyrics very appropriate, as I’ve ‘had it up to here’ with her in this competition. "Weak" - Marie Picasso: inappropriate song title as she’s anything but. Ms Picasso is looking like an absolute certainty to win now. "Livin’ On The Edge" - Daniel Karlsson: vocally good, and one of the more consistent performers of this year’s contest...
I don't understand this anymore.
Another shock eviction - as if Christoffer going two weeks ago wasn't bad enough, now Daniel's gone. At least Marie and Andreas have good voices, but why is Amanda still there? If you are Swedish, and you are a fan of "Idol", and you are reading this blog, could you explain why she is still there?

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