Sunday, November 18, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing: hurrah, rejoice, she is finally gone.

Sighs of relief all round tonight as our favourite British reality TV show regains its credibility and finally boots out the woman with the flexibility of a wooden clockwork toy. Appropriate this week that Kate Garraway and her partner, Anton du Beke, the 'nearly man' of Strictly (someone give him a decent partner one of these years!) danced to a song from The Killers, as week after week she committed murder on the dancefloor.

I couldn't really get into the show over the last couple of weeks, probably due to the-saving-of-Kate every week, maybe now I'll start to enjoy it again. What can't be argued is that the standard of celeb-dancing is well down this year. Alesha, Kelly and Matt excepted (and we had high hopes for Gethin, who's taking too long to deliver), the rest just range from adequate to wooden.

John Barnes was back in the bottom 2 tonight again: he and Kenny Logan (who we've warmed to over recent weeks, he tries hard even if he walks rather than dances) are now in danger of eviction next week. But didn't we say that about Kate about 6 weeks ago?

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