Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Salem Al Fakir: the inevitable 'No News' post

In the 4 months since Salem Al Fakir headbanged his way into my heart with his beautiful music, big hair and infectious personality, I have heard every song, watched every video clip, read and translated every single article and blog post on the internet about him. I knew that there would eventually come a time when there would be no news, and this would appear to be that time, and for the moment, in the words of the great man himself "I got nothing more to say". Therefore if I don't write about him as much that's the reason why.


Hopefully this news-free period won't be for too long, as he starts his latest Swedish tour in Stockholm on 18.11.07 so hopefully I'll be able to find lots of reviews and articles around then. Also, it will soon be awards season in Sweden and I'd expect him to be figuring in the Swedish Grammys, Rockbjornen and P3 Guldgalan around the beginning of 2008.

Still no news about when he will be launched on the unsuspecting British public yet, but now I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I can't wait, if only that I'd get a major kick out of seeing "Dream Girl" in the top 10, or the remote possibility that I might get to see him live, or at the very least, the odd TV appearance - he was just made for "Later With Jools Holland" - but on the other hand, there is a strong possibibility that the Great British Public will not "get him" and will find him too cheesy/too retro/not trendy enough to be this week's big thing. In which case I'd have another description - how about "too talented"? But all that is just speculation and time will tell if it will work out for him over here.

We also hope that he'll have some new material out soon in Sweden - come on Salem, everyone loves "Japanese Man" and that should be the first single off the second album. Also hoping that he plays some new songs on the forthcoming tour and that some nice Swedish people will put them on YouTube.

If you have ever visited my blog you will be well aware that I am obsessed with Salem and his music, if you haven't checked him out yet I would encourage you to do so as he is a brilliant, talented musician, singer and songwriter who deserves worldwide success. We will certainly continue to report any news about him - and if you're a Salem Al Fakir fan, feel free to visit my blog on a regular basis and tell me what you think about the man and his wonderful music.


Rachel said...

I know what you mean,there hasn't been anything to say about my beloved Chelsi for ages either.Although me and my housemate are desperately hoping they'll be at the Russian Winter Festival in London in January.Probably not though!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Rachel - I'll need to have a listen to Chelsi as you're obviously as crazy about them as I am about Salem!!