Sunday, November 04, 2007

Retro Saturday: Philip Jap

This is a really obscure one :-))

To some, maybe just a bargain-basement Gary Numan, but I have fond memories of this early 80s singer who released "Save Us" and "Total Erasure" round about 1982 if I'm not mistaken. I always remember him from the "David Essex Showcase" (!) and thanks to the mighty YouTube (what else?) I've managed to relive his finest moments.

I love the Internet!


Tracklister said...

For your interest i feel the same and have posted the MP3 here

Ahhh the memories

Tracklister said...

Great blog by the way

EuropeCrazy said...


Love your blog as well, lots of the tracks brought back fond memories!

The Philip Jap Army said...

Go to
and find out about Philip Jap's new single coming soon!