Saturday, November 17, 2007

Idol 16.11.07 Review

Haven't been around today so only just checking out how last night's Swedish Idol went. Worryingly, Carola was hanging around the show this week, so it was "gospel-themed" which is not really my bag, but here we go...
Marie Picasso already has the look of a winner. She is visually reminiscent of Geri Halliwell, with the legwork and stage presentation of Tina Turner, backed up by an impressive voice. She made good work of an undemanding "How Will I Know".

Andreas Sjoberg still provokes mixed feelings, as vocally he coped well with "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", but he still doesn't look like an Idol winner, although he's still one of the best singers in this year's competition.

Daniel Karlsson (and his strange stripey armband) is also very good, although the early favourite has had a couple of off-days. His "California Dreamin'" did the job though, and I can still see him in the final.

Mattias Andreasson has reached this stage of the competition with a mediocre voice but the kind of boyband teen-appeal looks which always succeed. His version of "The World's Greatest" was ok, but not enough for this stage of the contest.

Finally, Amanda Jenssen, who took on "Suspicious Minds" in typically ropey fashion. Why does the jury love her so much? When I watch her, I think of, which has attempted to manipulate recent series of American Idol with varying results. I reckon there must be a Swedish version kicking about somewhere.....

Result: Mattias, the king of the bottom two, is finally evicted from the competition, leaving Marie, Andreas, Daniel and Amanda as the four remaining contestants. Marie to win....


The Lemur said...

Thanks for the comment! Never thought I'd meet someone who might be even more fanatic than I am over Salem, but, well, here I am! I like your blog! European culture and mentality is interesting when comparing to American or Asian. May I tip you with one of the most European albums I've ever heard? Karl Bartos, of Kraftwerk fame, released a retro-modern electropop album called Communication in 2003. One of my favourite albums ever! It doesn't really get more European than that, that's what's so exciting about it.

I can barely stand the idea that someone who doesn't live in Sweden is more interested in the crap (sorry, but I think it's too pc for me sometimes) than I am, and I call myself genuinely interested in music.

Cheers from Sweden!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Lemur!!

Delighted to discover another Salem fanatic. I check out the internet every day for news about him, so if you hear anything let me know! I'm quite excited that he is doing a Swedish tour over the next few weeks, also there are plans to release his music here in the UK in 2008 and it would be my dream to see him live in concert.

I will need to check out the Karl Bartos album, after all Kraftwerk are one of the coolest bands of the last 30 years!

Welcome to my blog, glad you enjoy it!