Saturday, November 03, 2007

Idol 02.11.07: Love Songs week

Idol-Sweden: 7 finalists remain. Left to right: Marie, Mattias, Sam, Amanda, Andreas, Christoffer, Daniel.

Love songs. Urgh. I hate "love songs". But anyway let's get on with it. It's been a week filled with controversy over in Sweden as questions have been asked regarding the four-consecutive-week-female-evictions. With two girls and five boys left in the contest it was going to be interesting this week - who would go?

Mattias - "If I Could Turn Back Time". Try describing Mattias without using the word 'boyband'. No, I can't. But he was styled nicely this week though, and vocally was just his usual average without being spectacular.

Christoffer - "Something". Another nice performance by my favourite contestant in the competition. Attempted some soulful-warbling, which wasn't really necessary, but overall he is still very good and should go far.

Daniel - "Baby One More Time". Britney, ballad-style. Another good performance from him: he will also go far. Oh - I remember now who he visually reminds me of: Harlem from Star Academy 4. Fascinating fact of the day.

Marie - "Always On My Mind". Controlled and effortless performance. She will be there at the end, that's for sure. Her restyling also continued and she now looks a lot more classy than before.

Sam - "The Power of Love". Flat cap - check. Duff vocals - check. Fish-on-a-slab personality - check.

Amanda - "Baby Can I Hold You Tonight". Barbie sings a ballad. Am I the only one who doesn't understand her appeal?

Andreas - "Is This Love?" Surprisingly good vocally this week and he redeemed himself, although visually still not the most appealing contestant.

My ranking this week: 1. Christoffer. 2. Marie 3. Daniel 4. Andreas 5. Mattias 6. Amanda 7. Sam.

This week's bottom two following the public vote: Sam and Mattias. Sam was finally evicted, and not a moment too soon. I reckon that Mattias will probably be next to go.

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